Content Marketing. In a nutshell.

Content Marketing. In a nutshell.

At K.I.S.S our motto is, of course, keep it simple. So, when it comes to content marketing, we, not surprisingly, walk our talk.

This week, we break down content marketing: what it is and how to get started.

Content strategy in a nutshell

It’s how you create, manage and implement your owned media from posting on social, newsletters, print and so on. By developing a strategy, you set yourself up for success to achieve the goals set for your business and have a plan to stay on track.

5 steps to building a content strategy

So, what are the key takeouts?

 1. Define your goal

 2. Set your target audience

 3. Know your brand

 4. Identify the platforms you will use to tell your story

 5. Brainstorm your content

Once you have your content strategy in place your ready to start creating some solid, innovative and creative content.

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See you next week,
The K.I.S.S team.

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