Communicating your good deeds in a genuine way

Communicating your good deeds in a genuine way

Whether you are a business or and individual, giving back to your community is a noble gesture for those left fortunate. Noble as it may be, it is also an easy way to communicate your brand message, improve internal morale as well as demonstrating a clear connection with your local community.

However, it’s important not to be perceived as doing a good deed, for the sole purpose of pushing your marketing objective. So, how you communicate your good deeds to your audience is equally important as the reasoning behind the deed itself.

At K.I.S.S while we support sharing how your business gives back to your local communities and charities, the way you communicate these actions requires tact. A good deed can easily be undone with poor communication. Here are our top three tips to communicate your good deeds in a genuine way:


  • Be results driven: Focus on the outcome of your monetary donations, rather than the amounts themselves. What change did your donation effect?


  • Don’t be a big noter: Keep the attention on raising awareness of the charity or community, you a supporting. Not your business. Leave out the branded call to action.


  • Be genuine: Support a cause you are passionate about and aligns with your brand. By supporting something you feel passionate about, your audience will be engaged with your cause and want to support it.


Final thought

Though selfless in concept, supporting a charity or cause as a company is a great way to align your brand with a cause that your audience cares about. While the marketing benefits float to the surface it’s important to remain genuine in the way in which you communicate your support.


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