Communicating COVID-19

Communicating COVID-19

Picking the best approach for you and your audience.

As travel bans are intensified, non-essential businesses in the hospitality and entertainment sectors are closed and more restrictions re announced audiences are becoming accustomed to Coronavirus communications.

This begs the question, how do you communicate with your audience during a pandemic?

The message

Whilst it is important to ensure your message is in line with the government advice, we recommend only communicating information that is specific to your business and your audience.

For example, how are your operations changing? Do you have new policies? Are your business hours effected?

The channels

When considering you’re channels, ask yourself, where is my audience looking for this information?  This will vary for every business, see the below channel examples.

  • Retailers: Update your Google My Business hours
  • Professional services:  Email your client base, post a notice on your website and publish a Google My Business post.

The content

Once you’ve effectively communicated any important notices regarding how COVID-19 is impacting your clients and business initially, consider the long term content strategy.

With the government planning for a 6 month impact period, businesses should do the same.

Users will be captive on socials and you can bet audiences will be sick of hearing about COVID-19 (if they aren’t already!), so consider some of these topics:

Content marketing ideas for Coronavirus


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