Clever ways to convert Instagram visitors to followers

Clever ways to convert Instagram visitors to followers

A general rule of thumb with Instagram marketing is that if you follow 20 new accounts in the bid to get them to follow you back, 15 will visit your feed, 7 of them will engage (like or comment) but only 2-3 will actually follow you back.


Now while it’s not a numbers game (it’s ALWAYS quality over quantity), the end goal is to convert visitors to your feed into followers and then of course followers into an engaged audience.


If you’ve attended a K.I.S.S course, you’ll know our number one rule for social media success is consistency. And the key to Instagram success is a consistently attractive feed. Here’s how we do it.


5 tips to convert Instagram visitors to followers


Decide what you want your feed to be about

Just like any other social media platform, make sure you plan your content strategy carefully. For businesses, having a clear message and consistent voice is key to Instagram success.


Look at the bigger picture

To create consistency, view your Instagram as a whole rather than single images. Each image in your feed should work to be part of your bigger brand story. Before posting an image, think about what it will look like with the rest of your photos. Are they on brand?


Create a style or theme

By creating a theme for all your images, you bring consistency to your feed. Consider the filters you will use (if any?), the layout of your photos (square, portrait or landscape) and how you can sprinkle your brand colours throughout to enforce your brand message.


Don’t forget your caption

Investing all your time in just the image will only get you 70% of the way. Don’t underestimate the power of an engaging caption. The captions can also take on a theme of it’s own. Some Instagramers always start off with a quote, while others might have a particular emoji or symbol they use to emphasise their message.


A great caption allows people to bring a part of their personal feelings into your post, making it more of a meaningful experience for them.


#Hashtag like a pro

Hashtags are very important. Look at the trending hashtags to see what others are talking about and use when appropriate. Use a mix of trending hashtags and hashtags you believe that are relevant to your customers and business.


Top tip: We like to post the bulk hashtags in the first comment instead of the caption. It keeps the original post tidy and doesn’t detract from the aesthetic of the post.


Want to super charge your Instagram feed?

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