How to build your brand through customers

How to build your brand through customers

This week we have a little something different. Our friends at Salesforce have kindly provided some extra special guest content. And if it’s one thing these guys know, and know well, it’s marketing.

This week they’re challenging the traditional thinking of brand. And what’s more these clever cookies have visualised it all in one easy to digest, delicious looking info-graphic.

Take it away Salesforce…

brand can be defined as “a name, term, design, or other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from those of others.” Sounds simple enough. But is that what a brand really is? Think back to the pre-social media era and before we had 24-hour access to everything. Consider how people obtained their information on products or companies: advertising. The company chose the message that was sent out, and that’s how people learned about a service or product. Not anymore. In fact, according to consumer research from Jack Morton Worldwide, 49 per cent of people say their friends and family are their top source of brand awareness.

A brand is now defined by what other people say, and that’s where the opportunity lies.

How to Build Your Brand Through Customers

Via Salesforce

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