Bored of blogging? 3 content ideas for small business

Bored of blogging? 3 content ideas for small business

There’s no denying it, content marketing is huge at the moment. Small business has realized it’s more than a fad and they’re reaping the benefits. Not only is content marketing an absolute must for anyone doing social media marketing, but it’s a perfect channel to deliver value without driving annoying sales messages to your customers and potential customers.

Blog bored
I love blogging. It’s simple, effective and easily managed in house. But once you’ve mastered the blog, what else is there?

3 content ideas for small business

Leverage existing content
Once you’ve written a blog, think about other ways you can leverage off the same content. Convert your blog into a slideshow or info-graphic. There are some great free photo editing sites like Pic Monkey and Canva that help blast that blog boredom.

You don’t need a huge budget to create simple, easy and fun video content. Your can upload your photos to a free app like Flipagram and shabam! You’ll have a short, snappy video that packs a content laden punch. You can also shoot some slick videos from your iPhone and edit them in apps like You Tube capture and Viddy.

Socialise your catalogue
Save on printing (and precious trees!) by releasing a social catalogue. Companies like J.Crew recently put their entire product catalogue on Pinterest, so there’s no need for small business not to share the fun. Don’t post everything at once as visual social networking sites like Pinterest and Instagram have notoriously short shelf lives. Post no more than 4-5 posts a day rolled out over the duration of the catalogue. Also, include descriptions AND prices: pins with prices displayed can attract as much as 35% higher click through rate than those without.

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