Become a master social media marketer

Become a master social media marketer

Seriously Simple News – This week’s top social media updates in delicious, bite-sized pieces.

Twitter shares a calendar to help with strategic planning

If you’re planning social media content for September, you don’t want to miss checking out Twitter’s latest monthly major events calendar. Not only does this calendar help to keep marketers in the know, it also includes projected tweet number volumes – which aim to provide an idea as to how much discussion each could generate.

Be a winner at Facebook Messenger Marketing

Ever thought about using chatbots to reach your audience?

As messaging use has risen, so have the opening rates for chatbots, making now the perfect time to tap into this handy resource. The potential of these chatbots is vast, from sending chat blasts to helping customers make purchases.

Incorporate chatbots into the way you market, with this helpful guide.

Will Instagram be our next relationship therapist?

Instagram wants to focus on maintaining connections between close friends – and are reportedly working on a separate messaging app to make this happen. The new app – Threads, will aim to build stronger and more constant connections between enclosed groups with opt-ins to update your friends on your location, speed and much more.

Become the master of Creator Studio for Instagram

Facebook has published a new overview of how to make best use of Creator Studio to manage your Instagram presence. With everything from set up to scheduling, this guide has you covered.

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