9 Simple Steps to Secure Your Digital Presence

9 Simple Steps to Secure Your Digital Presence

As we increasingly live in the digital world, securing your online presence is paramount. Unfortunately, security of your digital platforms can become lax as focus is drawn to driving traffic and engagement on the front end.


Avoid digital compromises with these quick tips

Enable two-factor authentication

If you use Google, secure Gmail and Google Drive for your work and personal accounts by enabling two-factor authentication. Other platforms commonly used by marketers that support two-factor authentication including WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple and Dropbox.


Mix up your passwords

It can be confusing, but if you use a password manager such as LastPass, you can create different AND strong passwords for all your accounts.


Encrypt data on your mobile devices

Set your iOS device to delete all data after 10 consecutive failed password attempts.

iOS: Settings > Passcode > Erase Data

On android devices, you can encrypt all your personal data.

Android: Settings > Security > Encrypt Phone.


Enable password protection on ALL devices

It still amazes us as to how many devices aren’t password protected! Ensure your phone, computer and tablets are password protected.


Monitor fake accounts

We recommend regularly Googling your business’ name and keeping track of the search engine page results (SERPs) to identify if other individuals or organizations are impersonating you.


Be savvy to SPAM and abusive accounts

Report online abuse or SPAM if you discover it.


Audit platforms

Be sure to revoke access from platforms you no longer use. This could be a marketing platform or website plug in. By removing historic access points, you are removing potential threats.


Limit administrators

Limit the number of administrators on your accounts to one or two senior members of your team, to maintain consistency in brand tone and messaging as well as security.


Remove administrators

Ensure you are on top of who has access to your accounts, as roles change be sure to remove previous employees. You should change all passwords known by any employee who is no longer part of the team as a safety precaution.


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