8 Genius Facebook Updates of 2015-16

8 Genius Facebook Updates of 2015-16

Do you struggle to stay on top of the seemingly endless Facebook updates, tricks and tips? Check out the 8 ingenious updates that have been in 2015 and are coming in 2016.

Been… (But might not know)

Temporary Profile Pictures

This feature has popped up already – think Rainbow stripes for Gay Pride or the blue, red and white stripes for the Paris Terror attack? This feature was created so people could use their profile pictures to send a message about something that they are passionate about or a cause they support.


Save it for later

A personal favorite at K.I.S.S HQ is the save feature. Find a video on Facebook and want to keep it for later? The Save feature allows you to store links from your News Feed and Facebook Pages of articles, places, events, images, videos and music to view later. The ‘save’ button (or little downward facing arrow) resides at the top right of your posts. Click this arrow and a drop down box appears. Choose the ‘save for later’ option and the content is stored in the ‘saved’ folder. The saved folder can be found under Favourites on the left hand side of your Facebook Home Page.


See where you are logged into Facebook and remotely log out

These security features have been around for a while but are valuable. Go into your ‘account settings’ and click ‘account security’. You will find a list of all the computers and mobile devices that have logged into your Facebook account, along with the location and when it was done. Fortunately, if you do find some suspicious activity, you are able to click ‘end activity’ which should immediately log out from that particular device.


Notifications every time a specific person posts something

Whether you’re creepy ex lover, someone who loves a push notification, or just someone who enjoys being in control of their online destiny, Facebook can notify you every time your Favorite Brand or Person posts anything to Facebook. Simply go to the person or brand’s page or profile, click ‘friend’ or ‘like’ and then click ‘get notifications’.


Coming… (So get excited)


Video Profile Photos

Possibly the biggest change to Facebook since the introduction of the timeline and cover photo, the Facebook update of Profile Videos is set revoloutionise Facebook yet again. In just seven seconds, you will be able to give your friends a glimpse of what is ‘important in your life’, using the Facebook Profile Video. The profile picture, similar to an animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a video loop that plays in full when someone taps on it.


Name pronunciation – details about you

A new feature currently being tested in the US will let you educate people how to pronounce your name. The Name Pronunciation feature will be located in your ‘About Me’ section and will also enable your friends or followers to hear an audio playback.


Customisable Space

Stand out from the crowd with customisable spaces. Sitting at the top of your profile, this feature allows you to write a few sentences about yourself, add a new one line bio field or add public fields like work or education. It will also allow you to select five featured images to showcase at the top of your profile. This section will also be emoji friendly – which gets our seal of approval!


Take a break feature

Social media has added layers of relationship pressures especially when they turn nasty. Facebook will soon ease the pain of your break up. Currently being tested in the US, the ‘take a break’ feature will allow you to see less of your former partner without the need to awkwardly block or un friend them by limiting the amount of content that is shown to your ex (statuses, pictures, videos) and vice versa.

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