5 simple tips guaranteed to boost your website’s user experience

5 simple tips guaranteed to boost your website’s user experience

As a business your website is one of your biggest assets. With investments of time and money going into your website, it’s disappointing when users fail to interact and engage with your website.

To help, here 5 simple tips that can super charge the user experience of your website.

Be mobile friendly

Users access your website across multiple devices. It’s astounding that some websites are still not responsively designed.

Google also penalises websites that are not mobile optimised, meaning that if your page is not responsive, it will not appear in the search results.


Keep it simple

When designing your website, keep navigation clear and simple. People will not engage with a website that is hard to navigate.

Impatient visitors are not going to stay on a website if they can’t find what they need quickly and easily.


Be consistent

Consistency throughout your website allows for a seamless experience.

Using the same colour scheme, font, tone and incorporating a similar style and design throughout your website ensures users receive consistent brand messages and are not left unsure of the quality of you as a product or service provider.


Provide contact information

Make it easy for visitors to contact you via their preferred contact method. Some people prefer to send a Facebook message while others may prefer to email or call.

Make these options easy to locate so your users don’t have to become a detective to find it.


Add clear calls-to-action

Whether it’s a call now option or sharing on social media, urge your customers to take some form of action that is likely to lead to conversions.

Having strong call-to-actions will help grab the attention of your website visitors and increase user interaction and drive them through the sales cycle. It will also help you in achieving your business goals, whether they be email subscriptions or sales. Don’t stop here though, test different variations of that call to action to see what works best for your business.


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