5 signs you need a marketing strategy

5 signs you need a marketing strategy

Thanks to instantaneous communication tactics like social media, businesses are connecting with their customers at the push of a button. While this brings opportunity, it also means it’s easy to get distracted and lose sight of business goals.

For many time-poor small business owners, the challenge is that rather than taking a strategic approach most get caught in the daily grind of marketing execution.


5 signs it’s time to down tools and start thinking strategically.


  1. You don’t know your who, what, why, when and where

    If you can’t determine what your business objective is, who your competitors are, why you are different and where your customers can be found and when they can benefit from your services.


  1. You’re all about real time

While reactive marketing can be an effective tactic, it shouldn’t be your complete strategy. Being only reactive, will inevitably cost you time and money.

  1. Your competition is doing it better

    First impressions count! Your customers look for a solution to their problems. The clearer your message and easier the buying journey is, the quicker and more effective your marketing efforts will be.


  1. You lose sight of your budget

    A strategy guides all marketing tactics and is critical to your budget. If business growth is a priority, your proposed marketing activity must work to a dedicated budget.


  1. You crave success

    How will you ever know your strategies are paying off if you have no marketing objectives? Your strategy should identify what ‘success’ looks like for your business.


And remember: K.I.S.S.

Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated.


If you put your marketing strategy in the too-hard basket, you will forever be a reactionary marketer.

Marketing strategies come in all shapes and sizes, with one commonality: the delivery of real business value and direction.


Is it time your business implemented a marketing strategy?

Let’s talk.


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