5 Recent Social Media Updates You Need to Know Now

5 Recent Social Media Updates You Need to Know Now

Are you finding it hard to keep up with the constantly-changing features of social media? Whether it’s a new page layout, clever tools and snappy filters or app improvements, there’s loads to keep up with.

Here are five of the latest social media updates you must know today!

  1. Snapchat link attachment

Snapchat has introduced a feature that allows users to attach a website to their snaps. Make sure your app is up-to-date to ensure you can utilise this new feature.

Here’s how to get started:

After capturing your snap, you can attach your website by clicking on the paperclip option that has been added to the right-hand tools list. From here, you are able to enter a destination URL, which will load in the preview. To finish, simply press ‘attach to snap’ and send to individual users or upload it to your story. This feature has greatly expanded the functionality and marketing prospects of the app.


  1. New Instagram spam filters

Instagram recently announced the ability to combat offensive comments by self-identifying spam and removing them accordingly. It’s an optional feature but enabling it will reduce the need for business owners to continually monitor their feed for unsolicited content and negative comments.

Here’s how to get started:
To enable the filter, click the ‘three dots’ in the top right corner of your Instagram profile. Then click the ‘Comments’ and enable the toggle. It’s currently on available in English and all users will be able to report offensive comments if they do manage to get through the filter.


  1. Facebook introduces new ad metrics

To improve visibility on ad interactions, Facebook has introduced a range of new tools for specifically measuring landing page views, pre-impression activity and page interactions.

What it means:

 Landing Page Views: Know how many website visitors have arrived on your site after clicking a link in your Facebook ad.

 Pre-Impression Activity: Understand whether the people who have interacted with your brand are new visitors or returning customers after visiting your website or app.

Page Interactions:

Learn how your followers are interacting with your page with three new reporting metrics:

  • Follows – Facebook now breaks out the number of follows a page gains or loses over time, as well as where follows happen (paid or organic) and their demographics.
  • Previews – This will show the amount of people who came across your page without actually clicking or following the page using desktop.
  • Recommendations – See how many times your page has been recommended as a suggestion from friends and family.


  1. Facebook image specifications

Facebook regularly updates their recommended image and video specifications to ensure they look their best on the screen.

Here’s how to get started:

It’s easy with Facebook’s guidelines which you can view here .


  1. Mute Twitter Accounts and Keywords

Twitter is helping reduce the noise on the platform by muting notifications for accounts that have a default ‘egg’ profile photo and no confirmed email address or phone number as well in a time-based feature for certain keywords from your timeline.

Here’s how to get started:
To set the filters on your web version of Twitter, just go to Notifications, click on Settings, and check the boxes of your preferred filters. On your app, these options can be found on the Notifications timeline under the gear icon.

Social media’s fast-paced environment often means things are quick to become obsolete and if we are not aware of the next trend, it is easy to get left behind.


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