5 crafty ways your subject line can save your email marketing

5 crafty ways your subject line can save your email marketing

Chances are if you’re running a small business (or part of the human race), you’ve got an email address. Email continues to be the go-to communication channel for businesses so it’s no surprise email leads the charge when it comes to sales communication.

Back in 2013 Californian technology market research firm, The Radicati Group, recorded 929 million business email accounts. And it hasn’t stopped there. With an expected average annual growth rate of about 5% over the next four years, this number is tipped to surpass over 1.1 billion by the end of 2017.

So you see, it’s vital to stand out from the constant stream of work and social obligations flooding into the inboxes of your audience.

With a short attention span and no room for clutter, your email subject line needs to immediately engage – or risk going straight to TRASH.

5 crafty ways your subject line can avoid your email marketing being sent to the trashcan

Our favourite phrase KEEP IT SIMPLE:

A clear message between 30 to 50 characters at the most.

Put yourself in their shoes

What grabs or motivates you? What would make you open this email?

Call to action

A sense of urgency will encourage recipients to open the email right away.

Get personal

Studies have shown that personalised subject lines receive up to 22.3% more opens.

Triple Check

A subject line (as simple as it is) is often the last thing that you do before sending and can sometimes have the most errors especially after developing the content. Make sure it’s well written and makes grammatical sense.

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