4 Virtual Reality campaigns we love

4 Virtual Reality campaigns we love

Virtual reality is changing the way marketers engage with audiences. No longer do we need to describe a brand experience or show a two-dimensional video. VR fully immerses audiences into a brand experience, solving an engagement problem.

As audiences become overloaded with marketing messages on multiple platforms, VR gives users no choice but to completely immerse themselves into the content, resulting in fewer distractions and stronger emotions.

While many brands are attempting to incorporate VR into their marketing campaigns, not all of them are getting it right.


Here are four campaigns that have nailed the VR experience:




Have you ever been approached by a charity seeking donations and turned them down because you have no clue where your money is going?

TOMS shoes acknowledged this sentiment and developed the TOMS 360-degree Virtual Giving Trip campaign. With every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS also gives a new pair to a child in need. TOMS virtual reality experience enables its community to see the impact they have when they purchase a pair of TOMS through the One for One business model. The campaign allows users to experience firsthand the impact of their actions as they experience the various rural and disadvantaged communities that TOMS help.

Check out TOMS One for One campaign here.

Key take out for small business:

Does your industry have a barrier to entry or negative market sentiment you can solve with VR?


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Russia created a VR campaign to explore the city of Russia; capturing the show, behind the scenes and of course the VIP attendees.

The VR experience allowed users to fully immerse themselves into the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week and experience the show from different perspectives including the paparazzi, visitors and even the models.

Take a look at the video here.

Key take out for small business:

Does your brand (and therefore experience) have many influencers and stakeholders too? Can you create a VR to show multiple perspectives of your brand experience?




Qantas is leading the VR game, with the creation of their own virtual reality app! The app allows users to experience the best of Australia’s beautiful scenery, including a world first virtual tour over Uluru.

Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, visit Vivid Sydney and climb the Harbour Bridge all without booking a flight. A truly unique experience and an industry first.

Check out the QANTAS video of Vivid Sydney here.

Key take out for small businesses:

Is your business in the travel, tourism or experience industry? In an interconnected world, leave no stone unturned by providing the experience via VR.




Icelandic artist Björk is fascinated with virtual reality, so much so, she launched her entire latest music album in VR. Her music videos provide a dizzying virtual experience as she circulates around the camera, engaging her audience and allowing them to follow her on her journey. We admire her creativity and fun spirit and willingness to mix things up!

Check out her video ‘Stonemilker’ here.

Key take out for small business:

If you think your industry isn’t built for VR, think again. VR lends itself to all industries – you just need to think beyond two dimensions!


So, what can we expect from VR in the future?


Virtual reality is quickly solidifying its place in the marketing mix. The biggest take out around VR is that it is accessible. From small business brands to large-scale corporations, the world of VR is ready and waiting. VR is rapidly evolving as new tools and technology emerge.

K.I.S.S tip:

If you’re a small business looking to dip your toe into the virtual reality pool, why not start with Facebook 360 imagery and video? Not sure what that’s all about? Stay tuned, we’ll be blogging about it in a few weeks.


Want to create lead generating virtual reality content?


Let’s talk.


See you next week,



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