4 digital marketing updates you need to know

4 digital marketing updates you need to know

How in-the-know are you when it comes to the latest in digital marketing?

Staying on top of and ahead of the digital trends is key to your competitive advantage.

But don’t worry. We’ve kept it simple for you this week. Check out these top 4 trending digital marketing updates to propel you to the front of the pack.

1. Facebook to introduce undo feature on messenger

Ever hit “send” on a Facebook message only to regret it seconds later?

According to the ‘What’s New’ section for the app within the App store, a welcomed “Unsend” feature will be introduced in version 193.0 of the iOS Messenger app.

Users will have 10-minutes to delete a message after pressing send.

The latest update from Facebook Messenger follows WhatsApp who give users a full hour to unsend a text, and Instagram who generously gives users an unlimited window.

2. YouTube Tests Ad-Supported Movies

In a bid to generate new forms of revenue, YouTube and Hollywood studio, MGM have partnered to bring users free ad-supported films.

Currently only available in the US, YouTube are tight lipped on when the feature will be available in Australia.

Similar to movies on free to air, ads appear at regular intervals throughout the film, with reports that eventually advertisers will have the opportunity to sponsor specific films.

3. Facebook to launch AR glasses

This isn’t the first time that Facebook AR glasses have been suggested. But the world’s largest social networking site has finally confirmed they’re in the works.

When questioned by TechCrunch’s Josh Constine at their AR/VR event in LA, Facebook’s head of augmented reality Ficus Kirkpatrick answered “yeah! Well of course we’re working on it.” We’ll take that as a solid confirmation.

Reports suggest the augmented/virtual reality glasses will be similar to that of virtual reality headsets of Oculus. Keeping the interface simple will allow for smoother software integrations and minimise user’s struggles in understanding the device.

4. Instagram to roll out new shopping features

In a further bid to position Instagram as a shopping platform, Instagram will expand its ecommerce capabilities with its newest update.

Included in the exciting updates is a shopping list-like “Shopping collection” that allows users to save and organise products they see on the platform to buy later.

Product tags will now have the option to save the item in the form of a bookmark icon. Products will be saved to the new collection and be accessible from your profile.

Additionally, users will now also have the option to shop items in videos on their feed.

Stay tuned to our weekly Facebook Live as we keep you up to date with the latest trends and technologies to hit the market.


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