4 common website copy mistakes and how to avoid them

4 common website copy mistakes and how to avoid them


Writing delicious, engaging copy is no easy feat, particularly for small business owners. But if you’re about to design a new website or think your current content needs refreshing, stop. Think. And think again.


Avoiding 4 common content blunders


Hodge-podge headlines

Once a visitor hits your site, you have less than 8 seconds to convince them to stay. An engaging headline can communicate your brand promise while a poor headline can see your audience fleeing 2 seconds flat.

If you’re not sure of what works, test. And test again. We recommend split-testing different headlines to see what grabs your audience.


Confusing the message

Overwhelming people with choice works against you. In fact, the more choices people have often results in no decision at all.

Effective website copy asks for one specific action per page. Uno. Satu. Un. One. So pick one action and be clear about what you want people to do.


Ignoring basic aesthetics

When you ask for people to take action, don’t loose your mind. Bad fonts, garish colors, cheap highlighting, and outdated clip art do not make for better conversions. They not only destroy your credibility, but also turn off your audience.

Great content is not just about words. Fonts, colours, and visuals enhance user experience and boost conversions. Consider the sites design when writing your content.


Underestimating laziness

We know your website might be lazy, but don’t underestimate other people’s laziness. Did you know that web users spend most of their time above the fold? But hang on a sec. This doesn’t mean cramming all your content above the fold. It just means your design and content needs to be engaging enough to keep them reading (and scrolling).


Final thought

Don’t be indolent about grabbing and holding the attention of your visitors. (See what I did there? Still thinking about indolent huh?) Not everyone will understand what you do. If you think about it from a different perspective, and you might realise you might have to work a bit, to gain a bit.


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