4 Common Business Card Pitfalls to Avoid

4 Common Business Card Pitfalls to Avoid

Some argue that email, LinkedIn and other social networking sites have replaced business cards. But we don’t. Thanks to social networking and apps like CamCard, the humble business card has new lease on life.

We’ll admit, there are some shockers.

Before we get too comfortable on the business card soapbox, we’re the first to admit that there are some bad business cards out there. But a few bad apples shouldn’t spoil the bunch!

Don’t be a bad apple and avoid these 4 common business card pitfalls:


Your business card can make or break a first impression on you and your business. So if someone starts yawning when you hand over your card, that’s not a good start. Don’t have a boring business card, if you don’t want to be seen as boring. Drab colours, bad fonts and poor layouts all constitute a boring card. Stand out form the crowd and make a lasting impression!


Less is definitely more when it comes to business cards. Think about the channels people most communicate with you and focus on that. If you haven’t received a fax in the last 2 years, it might not be entirely necessary to have it taking up valuable real estate.


Trends are fun and different. And they can certainly help you stand out. But before succumbing to a trend, decide if this is a “flash-in-the-pan” or a “here-to-stay” trend. Some time ago the trend was to have a photo on your business card. It dated fairly quickly, now we’re seeing it re-emerge in 2014.


A business card that never gets any exercise is not worth having. Your business card should be in your wallet, car and handbag (or man bag). As someone that has many bags, I have a small stack in every one. Networking isn’t just for events. As a small business owner you never know when your next networking opportunity will present itself and you should always be prepared.

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