35 low cost marketing ideas to boost your business

35 low cost marketing ideas to boost your business

Stuck for marketing ideas? We’re full to the brim with them, so we thought we’d share some simple but effective ideas, that wont break the bank.

35 low cost marketing ideas to boost your business:

1. Host a fundraising event for a local charity
2. Sponsor a local school fete
3. Free product demonstrations
4. Hold contests
5. Send birthday cards to clients
6. Take a client to lunch (our favourite!)
7. Ask for referrals
8. Give referrals
9. Keep in touch with clients
10. Give bonuses or incentives for bulk purchases or orders
11. Add value to go beyond the ‘norm’
12. Collect and share testimonials
13. Speak at events
14. Write articles, books or blogs
15. Volunteer your location for meetings or special events
16. Window/footpath signs
17. QR codes for your window
18. Seasonal displays
19. Brand your vehicle
20. Host webinars
21. Comment on other blogs and social media
22. Develop partnerships with other business owners
23. Cross promote
24. Write and send press releases – local media is easier cut through
25. Be an advocate for your customers
26. Use telephone scripts
27. Attend trade shows, events
28. Hand write thank you notes
29. Do regular competitor research
30. Communicate regularly
31. Be consistent
32. Answer your email within 12 hours
33. Teach a class at community college
34. Register to be a guest speaker
35. Contribute to online forums or training platforms

If want to know how you can turn your ideas into a real marketing strategy, let’s talk.

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