3 Ways to utilise ephemeral content

3 Ways to utilise ephemeral content

For years the main focus of marketing has been to create strategic, relevant and exciting content to generate a long-lasting impression for an audience. Now, “ephemeral content” is the latest buzzword to dominate the social landscape.

You may not have heard of “ephemeral content”, but we bet you’re already engaging and possibly even curating or developing it for your brand. So, what is it?  Ephemeral by definition is ‘lasting for a very short time.’  The curiosity behind time-sensitive content is a powerful tool for brands to utilise. From Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook Stories, users feel a sense of exclusivity when viewing short, sharp bursts of time sensitive content.


3 Ways To Utilise Ephemeral Content


  1. Connect

Bring your brand to life with authentic stories that humanise your brand.

  1. Tease

Invite your audience behind the scenes of your business processes.

  1. Engage

Give your audience opportunities to experience and respond to your products.


Rewarding your followers with exciting experiences encourages your audience to actively check your story. Yes, #FOMO (fear of missing out) is real!

With the rise of the exciting Virtual Reality experience, ‘ephemerality’ has provided marketers with another way to capture and engage a market that is quick to move on to the next best thing.


Want to see ephemeral content in practice? Stay tuned for our top ephemerality experiences for you to draw some inspo from!


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