3 Types of #winning Instagram Contests and How to Use Them

3 Types of #winning Instagram Contests and How to Use Them



An Instagram contest is a great way boost to your social media marketing. A simple contest can generate the same reach, engagement and increase in followers as hundreds of pieces of content, saving you time and money. But what types of contests can you run and do they work?


3 Types of Instagram Contests


1. Like to WIN contests

In a “like to win” contest; simply ask for an Instagram user to like an update. All those who do will be entered automatically into the contest.

E.g.: “Double tap for your chance to WIN X”


To increase engagement on this style of contest simple add a tag a friend option.

E.g: “Double tap and tag a friend for your chance to WIN X”


2. Hashtag user-generated content contests

For a hashtag user-generated content (UGC) contest, create a contest-specific hashtag for example #KISSmesocial and ask participants to share a photo or video using that hashtag to enter.


3. Email-Gated Contests


To run an email-gated Instagram contest, ask participants for their email address to enter. An email-gated contest can ask for a follow or UGC in addition to the email lead.


In theory these are the contests you most want, however it does create a barrier to entry. Most people can be cagey when it comes to handing over their details too quickly. Make sure you assess the objectives of the campaign before choosing the type of contest you wish to run.


3 brands that got it right


Dunkin Donuts

During Halloween Dunkin’ Donuts ran a photo competition that encouraged people to post an image of Halloween dressed coffee cups.


By using the hashtag #DresseDD users could enter themselves for the chance to win a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.


Tony Hawk

Pro skater Tony Hawk hides skateboards in random spots then posts a photo of the landmark with a clue as to the location. Followers who recognise the landmark and get there first score a free, signed board.



After artist Jamie Hewlett created limited edition vodka bottles, Absolut gave several away using Instagram.


As the bottles were called Absolut London, users had to tweet a photo of something that sums of up one of London’s greatest features, adding the #absolutlondon hashtag plus one of these categories: #london, #entertainer, #music, #entrepreneur, or #fashion.


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  • Vikki Carter
    Posted at 22:31h, 21 August Reply

    If you’re growing your brand (otherwise what’s the point in making a contest?) you might want to facilitate the process with all the possible means, and i’m not talking about the content. As for me i tried different services, automated and not, but none of the results seemed sufficient, even quite expensive features offered by SimplyMeasured or Curalate. In the end the most easy and cheap decision proved to be the best, I mixed features from Iconosquare.com, latergram.me, fast-unfollow.com to crate my own killer strategy. Doesn’’t matter where and how you find people, but the first lets you track user activity, the second lets you be more consistent and the last helps to get rid of large number of unfollowers – up to 5k per day, and keep a proper ratio. Using these can help building up a community worth settling a contest.

    • Darnelle O'brien
      Posted at 08:55h, 22 August Reply

      Thanks for sharing these awesome tips Vikki!
      We’re familiar with (and using) a lot of what you mentioned, but I’m keen to check out fast-unfollow.
      At the moment we use Fotogramme for our follower ratio maintenance, but it only allows for a maximum of 50 a day. ^Darnelle

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