3 easy ways to drive website traffic with Facebook

3 easy ways to drive website traffic with Facebook

Facebook is a fabulous driver of website traffic. More and more we are seeing our client’s analytics reflect this. But simply just having a Facebook page isn’t going to drive thousands of unique users to your website. So what’s the secret? The secret is, there is no secret! But follow these three simple tips and you’ll be sure to optimise your Facebook traffic.

3 easy ways to drive website traffic with Facebook


If your content isn’t engaging on Facebook, why would users then click through to your website? And on the flipside, if your website doesn’t have anything new to share, then what will you post to Facebook? Posting the same links to the same page on your website is not a successful Facebook strategy. Share fresh, new content to drive engagement and clicks to your website. Create blogs, newsletters, client stories, case studies and new images to keep your content garden-fresh.

Link optimisation

There are three ways you can post a website link to Facebook. Test them to see which type results get the most engagement and traffic to your site:

  1. Copy and paste your link into a status update. The link will then provide the image and metadata. The problem with this, is that the image pulled in can appear smaller if it isn’t in the right ratio.  If your photo on your website is not optimally sized, the link won’t pull in a large photo, and if you have no photo or description on your article, these fields will appear blank.
  2. Post a photo related to your link, then add the link into the status update along with a short description. The description travels along with the photo when it’s shared so you have control of the message.
  3. Post your link in the status update section then “X out” the link data that is pulled in to make the post “text only.” This way was beneficial in the past when text-only posts were getting more reach. However, Facebook has recently announced that the new Facebook algorithm will show fewer text posts from pages. So be cautious of this when creating text-only posts.


Facebook advertising is a great way to get targeted traffic to your website. It’s especially important with Facebook’s recent decline in organic reach for pages. (Check out our March blog: Spotlight on Facebook: Why you have to pay to play for more info on that.)

Create an ad with a link to your website or boost content to drive traffic to your site. Whenever you boost a post, remember it cannot have a photo with more than 20% text in it. Use Facebook’s text overlay tool to make sure any image fits the guidelines to be promoted. If you truly want clicks to your website, creating a specific ad is the better way to go.

If want to drive website traffic with Facebook, let’s talk.

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