How about we ask you: Why not?

Maybe you don’t like your marketing partners to live and breathe marketing. You may like to pick up every second stone instead of looking under them all. Or maybe you prefer the tried and tested marketing strategies, you know the ones your competitors are already doing?

What’s more – we’re in it for the glory. Your glory. It’s why we do what we do.


Our people

Darnelle O’Brien


With a warm personality and straight-talking attitude, Darnelle has more than twelve years experience generating demand and creating buzz for her clients.

Darnelle recognises that the sheer number of marketing options available to business owners can be overwhelming in itself, so in 2013 she founded The K.I.S.S Marketing Agency, based on her business philosophy of “Keeping It Simple”. Together with her team of twelve, Darnelle delivers simple and effective marketing solutions for businesses across Australia and internationally.

One of Darnelle’s great passions is content. She writes delicious content for clients and shares her experience through the K.I.S.S weekly blog, which has more than 9,000 followers globally.

Darnelle has been published across a wide number of online channels, including Social Media Today, Business 2 Community, NAB Magazine, NSW Chamber of Commerce and Savvy SME. She holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Arts (Economics), as well as Google certifications in advertising fundamentals, advanced search, advanced display and Google analytics.

Bachelor Business (Marketing) ACU Sydney
Bachelor Arts (Economics) ACU Sydney

Google Certified: Advertising Fundamentals, Advanced Search, Advanced Display, Google Analytics


Brittney Stuart

Senior Account Manager

Don’t mistake Brittney’s calm exterior, this quiet achiever is a marketing dynamo! With an abundance of content and social media virtuosity, Brittney has over a decades’ experience creating marketing strategies and content that sings.

Brittney is passionate about seeing clients achieve their marketing goals by building their profile, reputation and brand. Experienced in all facets of marketing, Brittney advises clients on the most appropriate marketing strategy for their objectives. A digital whiz and a brilliant strategist and content creator, Brit is always chasing new marketing ideas, stories and innovations to build awareness for her clients.

Diploma of Business Management, Majoring in Marketing and Events, Macleay College.

Lorna_KISS Edited

Lorna Warren

Key Account Manager

Lorna boasts over a decade’s worth of experience creating and driving effective, revenue generating marketing strategies for large brands. Lorna’s applies her unique understanding of the workings of large scale brands to the challenges faced by her clients.

Her passion for driving brand advocacy and consumer engagement, sees Lorna continuously on the hunt for creative ways to keep her clients’ brands top of mind and ahead of the competition.

Diploma of Marketing (Distinction), St George TAFE.
Certificate III Marketing,
St George TAFE.


Jessica Giezekamp

Account Manager

Account Manager Jess, is passionate and driven with a lazer beam attention to detail.

Not afraid to think outside the box, Jess relishes in overcoming any marketing conundrum to achieve exciting results for her clients.

Her passion for creating multi-layered campaigns across paid and organic digital platforms sees Jess constantly uncovering a fresh approach to solve her clients marketing briefs.

Bachelor of Communication and Media (Marketing Communication and Advertising), University of Wollongong.


Kat Devlin

Account Manager

Kat is our account manager extraordinaire. “Can’t” just isn’t in her vocabulary. Her bubbly nature and positive attitude, keep the wheels of the K.I.S.S machine turning. She has a passion for strategy, a laser eye for detail and a knack for creating engaging social media content.

Kat’s experience in marketing spans 10 years and has previously dabbled as a Marketing Manager on the client side before coming across to the wonderful world of agency (where she belongs).

Bachelor of Communication, Public Relations and Creative Arts and Industries, Griffith University.

Google Certified: Advertising Fundamentals, Advanced Search, Advanced Display, Google Analytics


Caitlyn Ellender

Key Account Coordinator

Key Account Coordinator Caitlyn is an enthusiastic creative, obsessed with all things digital.

Caitlyn is passionate about a good meme, creating insta-worthy content for her clients, and going the extra mile. A real team player, Caitlyn’s attention to detail is key for a bullet-proof strategy.

Bachelor of Communication and Media (Marketing Communication and Advertising), University of Wollongong.


Tara Olson

Account Co-Ordinator

A self-confessed social media maven, Tara is passionate about all things social.

Tara’s investigative instincts, attention to detail and digital savviness, complement her approach to her clients’ digital campaigns which see K.I.S.S clients reaping the rewards of early adoption and innovative thinking.

Her knack for finding quicker, more efficient ways of doing things, and her passion and love for people, make Tara a client and office treasure.


Brooke Todd-Maddix

Junior Marketing Assistant

Brooke’s passion for social marketing drives her endless search for knowledge. Constantly on the look-out for new ideas and creative designs, Brooke is eager to make her mark in the digital world.

Achieving audience engagement motivates Brooke to continually create quality, timely and creative content for clients.

Willing to give almost anything a go, Brooke is eager to learn and assist the K.I.S.S team to help K.I.S.S clients get their marketing messages heard.

Commerce, Marketing and Public Relations, The University of Wollongong.


Ashley Edwards


Ashley, is self-motivated, self-sufficient and has experience of delivering creative, graphic concepts for a wide range of fields.

She strongly believes less is more when it comes to amazing design and the elegance of simplicity.

She loves to work with people and achieve goals together as a team.

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Tafe NSW Sydney Institute.
Cert 4 and Diploma Graphic Design and Communication, St George College.


Sarahjayne Samra


Sarahjayne is an enthusiastic motivator, passionate about all things design.

With ten years experience in helping to deliver simple solutions to complex ideas, there is not a creative challenge she won’t take on.

B. Design (Honours), UNSW.
Dip. Graphic Design Major Advertising,
Martin College.


Jamie Walker

Digital Designer

Jamie is a passionate practical designer with a proven record of delivering a high standard of professional work. His past experiences from a wide range of industries gives him unique empathetic design skills to connect with new ideas in a genuine way.

B. Design (Honours), UNSW.
Adv. Dip. Multimedia Design, Chisholm TAFE.