What’s dropping on Facebook?

What’s dropping on Facebook?

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You’re dropped. Will Facebook drop total likes?

Our favourite reverse engineer is at again. Jane Manchun Wong has captured Facebook testing a new like display that hides total likes, similar to Instagram.

Facebook drops new desktop interface

Remember back in May when we noticed Facebook was testing a new desktop interface? Well now they are dropping it like a fresh new track designed to please.

Drawing on everything we love from the mobile app, Facebook is introducing your fave mobile features to desktop. This mean, larger fonts, a simplified layout, streamlined navigation and a handy spot saving feature, for when you navigate away from the newsfeed.

Is your audience dropping off?

If you are running a video ad campaign and find your audience drops off quickly, try the new ThruPlay option in Facebook Ads. ThruPlay allows you to optimise your ads to engaged audiences, and choose to only pay for ads that are played to completion, or for at least 15 seconds.


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