What It Means To Be Mobile Friendly

What It Means To Be Mobile Friendly


As you review your marketing strategy for 2016, keep our top trends in mind and what they could mean for your small business.


One thing’s for sure, your digital presence is vital to survive and thrive in 2016. If the Internet is correct, there are now more devices connected to the Internet than people on Earth. So it was no surprise when Google announced early last year the number of searches on mobile devices officially surpassed desktop computers.


Desktop is dying and mobile is killing it

In fact, Google now uses ‘mobile friendliness’ as a rank indicator. So, it’s absolutely critical that your business is not only online, but mobile friendly.


What does being mobile friendly mean for your small business?


Brand accessibility

Your customers must access your products or services from their mobile device (smartphone or tablet). That basically means you need to have a mobile-friendly online presence.


Your business risks incurring search penalties with the possibility of being demoted down search engine rankings. Check if your website meets Google’s Mobile Friendly Requirements here.


Brand interaction

Think of it as an opportunity. By having a mobile friendly website, not only can you target customers with location-based offers but its layout will improve readability and functionality.


Most mobile users are also active on social media. You can build a loyal following and customer database using the right strategy and platform for your social presence.


Brand experience

Make it easy for customers to find and reach you. Finding your business hours, address and directions are the three most popular actions undertaken on a mobile.


While mobile friendly websites and mobile apps aren’t the same thing, they can offer similar features that can help grow your business including; one-click calling, GPS location, social sharing, online traction and ‘sign up’ buttons for purchase, newsletters or loyalty programs.


There are loads of advantages to being mobile friendly. If you’re not already, make 2016 your year to go mobile and engage with your customers when and when they want it.


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