The value of getting personal on social media

The value of getting personal on social media

Despite human interaction becoming less and less common in business, we still have a natural desire to purchase from and do business with ‘real people’. While we all can appreciate a seamless and effortless check out, relationships are essential if you want to build a loyal customer base and differentiate your brand.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, social media is a great opportunity to demonstrate the personality and humanity behind your brand, and develop authentic relationships with your customers. Here are our top tips to get started on social media.

Tone of voice

It can be difficult to find your tone of voice and style of writing for social media. Some of you may already know what your online personality is (which is great!), but if you don’t, that’s ok too.

Customers love to feel that they are interacting with a ‘real person’ rather than an anonymous company. Getting personal with your customers has the potential to add enormous value to your brand and offerings.

It is not uncommon to have several or a team of contributors who source content for your platforms. However, to maintain consistency, we advise that only one-person writes, reviews and uploads the content.

Our personal favourite, and the tone of voice we use, is a friendly, light-hearted, conversational tone. However, while this may be appropriate for our market and receptive by our clients, it may not necessarily be right for yours.

If you’re still not sure as to why your brand needs a voice, check out this blog.

Smile: It’s your best asset

One of the best ways to get personal on social media is to make your business more transparent by showcasing your employees and your work environment. We know that not everyone shares the same love of selfies as we do, but photos of ‘real people’ beat stock images any day!

Knowing who is behind the company, makes doing business that much easier and reassuring. Trust is built and loyalty is developed when customers can see who helped create their products or deliver the service.

So, tell your team to smile and say cheers, and share that image across your social platforms. We guarantee you will see a boost in engagement.

Engage with your audience

Another fantastic way to differentiate your brand is to engage with your audience on social networks. Whether it be replying to comments or liking and commenting on other people’s posts, any personal interaction matters. Many businesses fail to realise the importance of something as simple as replying to comments.

HINT: Make it a habit to check your platforms daily and reply to any comments.

We live in a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with more marketing messages than their brains can store. Despite many misconceptions, humans need interaction, we’re not robots! Now is the time to step it up and get personal with your customers to develop and maintain long lasting relationships.

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