Twitter to drive website traffic: does it work?

Twitter to drive website traffic: does it work?

In short, yes. Anyone that reviews their Google analytics regularly will be able to tell you that social media is a growing source of website traffic. For K.I.S.S and majority of K.I.S.S clients, social is a big part of website traffic sources but not the ONLY part.

We’ve had a few questions about Twitter and its place in the social media mix. Granted, not every business lends itself to Twitter. If you’re in professional services, media, b2b or technology industries (to name just a few); its platform worth investigating.

Top Tips for Twitter to Drive Website Traffic:

Post your content.
Posting links to content on your own site is one of the best ways to get traffic from Twitter. Blogs, articles, even links to your latest eDM are all great Twitter posts. Don’t be lazy and take the time to write a post that makes people want to click to read more. Ask a question or write a catchy introduction to attract engagement to the post. More engagement = more traffic.

Monitor keywords.
You can use Twitter search to monitor keywords related to your business niche in real-time. When you see a valid question you can answer, answer it! Don’t use your answer for self-promotion, legitimately help them via your tweet. You can send them to your blog for more info. A good way to monitor search is to set up columns in your Twitter account to monitor search terms more effectively.

Ask questions.
Get your followers involved start a conversation. You want them to interact and feel comfortable to join in the conversation so design your tweets to do just that.

Use #hashtags.
Hashtags can help grow your traffic by making your social updates more easily discoverable. We recommend using no more than two- three hashtags per update, as too many of them is simply overkill.

Look at which hashtags are trending for the day and use them in your updates where possible. There are more people searching for those hashtags, so your updates will have a better chance of being seen.

Social sharing buttons
Add social sharing buttons to your blogs so readers can share your posts to their own Twitter followers. This way, you increase your reach on Twitter and more people will be able to see your link and therefore, drive more traffic.

Still not convinced? Let’s talk.

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