Signage: The unsung hero of the marketing mix?

Signage: The unsung hero of the marketing mix?

This week we finally had our window signage installed: subtle but just enough to showcase the K.I.S.S brand from the outside and reinforce it when you walk through the door.


So it got us thinking.

Is signage the unsung hero of the marketing mix?


Of course signage isn’t relevant for all small businesses. If you don’t have bricks and mortar or a vehicle then of course it might not be appropriate. But for those of us who do have a patch to call our own (and that includes vehicles too!), could you be missing a marketing opportunity so simple it’s easy to forget?


What good signage can deliver for your brand:


Brand awareness

We’ve blogged in the past about the role of marketing. So we all know your customers are more likely to buy from you if they’re familiar with you. And that’s exactly what signage does, reinforces your brand, so over time people begin to remember you and your business.



The more unique the signage the more you will stand out from the crowd.

Tip: ensure your signage reinforces your unique point of difference. After all, next to your website, it’s your 24/7 virtual salesperson.


Improved customer experience

From a marketing perspective, signage is obviously ticking a lot of boxes. But from an operational perspective signage can help direct people to your business and inform them of additional information like sales or promotions.

If you have business premises or a vehicle, don’t undervalue the power of signage. Strong signage can help build your brand, direct customers to your business and expose you to potential new customers 24/7.


Do you need signage that will work for your brand?

Let’s talk.


See you next week



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