Poll Your Instagram Followers On Demand

Poll Your Instagram Followers On Demand

It’s game on with interactive stickers on Instagram Stories. The new feature lets you ask questions and see live results from your followers as they vote.

The launch of the Poll sticker has created a simple and super exciting way for brands to engage and interact with their audience and find out what they are thinking. For small business owners, it’s also a great tool as the possibilities are endless (and free)!

How to use Instagram Polls

  1. Go to stories on your Instagram

  2. Take or upload a video/story

  3. Swipe up to reveal the stickers

  4. Select the Poll option

  5. Add your ‘question’ to the sticker

By default, you will be shown ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. You can customise your poll choices by tapping on each side of the sticker. It’s currently limited to two options.

  1. Make your Story live

Once you post your Story, your followers can start voting.

  1. See results in real time

Swipe up to see who voted and watch the live results.


K.I.S.S Tip: Instagram Stories disappear in 24 hours and so do the poll results. Be sure to check the results before it disappears!

Make it work for your business

Here are some ways you can interact with your audience and get immediate feedback.

    • Ask your followers fun and quirky questions that align with your brand personality to build rapport with your customers e.g. Let’s settle the workplace debate: PIZZA vs PASTA
    • Gain audience insights. Encourage the audience to engage with your brand so you can tailor your products (or content!) to their preferences e.g. Should we go live more often? Yes or No
    • Rebranding your business? Let your audience help you choose the design e.g. post a pic of two branding/packaging options and find out which one your audience prefers.


K.I.S.S Tip: Instagram’s account owner can see how you voted, so vote wisely.


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