Online Privacy

Online Privacy

This week we have something a little different. Our friends from MyPrivateSearch have kindly provided some extra special guest content around current online privacy trends and some simple measures we can take to ensure we retain our online privacy.

Here are the best private search engines that are anonymous and make a great Google alternative.

Online Privacy


While most of us are determined to make our lives simpler by embracing technological innovations, we are increasingly becoming aware of our vulnerability to data breaches and identity fraud.

Whether it’s online shopping or making business transactions, the benefits of saving time and costs have greatly overshadowed the all-important aspect of privacy.

According to the Government’s Scamwatch website, there have been over 12,000 reports of scam and identity theft issues in the last financial year. Unfortunately, this is only going to continue to rise unless we all start taking some serious actions to ensure our online security is not compromised.

Use of dedicated systems, data protecting software and making use of private search engines are some of the simple tips that we can action. The infographic below highlights the current trends and focuses on some simple measures for retaining our online data.

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