The K.I.S.S guide to maintaining an effective marketing strategy

The K.I.S.S guide to maintaining an effective marketing strategy


Connecting with your consumers in a meaningful way, is key to long term success.

Knowing what they want, how they want it, and when, are all pieces of their buying behaviour puzzle.

A killer marketing campaign that does exactly this, however, needs to have a final piece of the puzzle – monitoring and maintenance of your marketing efforts – while vital, this is often overlooked.

But if you are flexible and adaptable to changing trends, you will reap the most rewards.


Failing to plan is planning to fail. – Allen Lakein


Any effective marketing campaign needs a well thought out plan. If your goals aren’t well defined, it will be impossible to measure their success.

Ask yourself: What are you trying to achieve? How will you achieve it?


Choose tracking tools appropriate to each tactic in your marketing strategy.


Web based initiatives offer a host of analytics tools.

Google Analytics is the most powerful, free tool to measure your digital marketing efforts. Measure site traffic, conversions, and ad performance, while you gain insight into how people find your website, and the actions they take once they visit it.

While print marketing is more difficult to measure, including promo codes or unique landing pages make it easier to identify and track back to each print tactic.

Take note!

As your campaigns unfold, record everything. Were there any stand-out tactics? Or dead wood? Note how you did it, what you would do differently while it is fresh in your mind.

The more detailed your reporting, the more actionable insights you can gather about your marketing efforts.

Simply ask.

“Where did you hear about us?”

Whether you are monitoring on or offline marketing (or both!), the easiest, and simplest, method to tracking your success is by asking your customers.

Top Tip: Keep a detailed record and you’ll soon start to spot trends!

Download our checklist to monitoring the effectiveness of your marketing activities here.


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