It’s time to get sticky.

It’s time to get sticky.

GIFS, stickers, emojis, hashtags, face filters 😜 🤩 🦄 🌴🌟😎🤓🤯… We’ve got the creativity to make our personal content our own. But now we see businesses using them more than ever.

More than 60% of businesses on Instagram are using interactive elements like @mention, hashtags or poll stickers in their stories every month! Now that’s getting sticky 😝

People want LESS words and MORE stickers.

Now Facebook wants in on the interaction, brining video poll ads to the mobile Feed. It’s not all for looks, it’s already showing an increase in brand awareness and conversions when compared to video ads 😱

Not one to be outdone… Instagram tests a new event ‘Invites’ sticker.

This is exciting for businesses. This sticker will allow you to add details of upcoming events, product launches, Q and A sessions, and much more to generate interest, and/or share exclusive events.

Viewers will be able to RSVP direct from the sticker. Keeping it simple, just the way we like it.

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