Is it time to get strategic?

Is it time to get strategic?

No matter your end goal, marketing is vital to every business. But how do you know if your marketing efforts are being heard? And by the right audience?

Answer: marketing strategy.


Four signs it’s time for your business to get strategic:


  1. You don’t know who your customer is.


It’s easy to sell to anyone who will open their chequebook. But understanding your ideal customer will mean your brand’s messaging won’t fall on deaf ears.

From a strategic perspective, identifying your buyer persona will allow you to determine if the audience you are speaking to are profitable to your business.


  1. You’re getting the wrong leads.


Failing to understand your customer or effectively communicating what you are selling is a sure-fire way to ensure you receive less than ideal leads.

Clearly define the value you are providing and how your audience can reach you.

Now ask, are you communicating this effectively?


  1. Your audience doesn’t love your content.


Do you hear crickets when you post to social media? Does your website have a high bounce rate?

This is a sign you aren’t engaging the attention of your target market. Determining a strategy that tailors your content to your audience will ensure your messaging is not only clear but speaking to the needs and interests of your customer.


  1. You’re being outperformed by your competition.


How does your presence compare to your competitors? Take a closer look at how they interact with their audience.

Maintaining a ‘conversation’ with your audience takes time and effort. But if you aren’t the one talking to them, chances are they’re talking to your competitors.


Need a killer marketing strategy?

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