How to write a killer bio

How to write a killer bio


Have you ever wanted to find out more about someone, looked up their LinkedIn or website only to be left wondering more? A professional bio is the online version of a handshake. It steps in to introduce you, when you aren’t there to.


Most people don’t have time to read lengthy, self-indulgent bios that tell ones life story. A well-written bio will succinctly communicate who you are and what you do with the perfect mix of achievements, credentials and personality.


Writing a killer bio


Think about the who and the why

Think about who you are talking to and what image you would like to portray.


If you’re struggling to identify how you should present yourself to your audience, try reading bios from others in your field.


List your achievements

Create a list of your career highlights from achievements and credentials, to education, and projects you’ve completed. Now narrow it down to your most important and relevant achievements. And again, think about your audience: what achievements are most important for your audience to know?


Hi my name is…

Be polite and introduce yourself. Assume the reader knows nothing about you and give them the run down.


Don’t leave the reader guessing

Along with your name, drop your occupation and achievements in early. Unlike a resume, you can’t just list your accomplishments. Make sure you describe them with enough to detail to highlight their significance.


Inject some personality

Injecting some humour or a personal fact that will interest your audience will give your bio some flair. But avoid the over share! People don’t want to know your birth story.


Closing statement

Conclude your bio with something to remember you by. Round it off with your our contact details to make it easy to get in touch.


Review and revise

Thoroughly proof your bio before publishing it: you may discover there is information you forget to include.


Keep your bio up to date

It’s important to review your bio every 6 months and update as required. This will keep your information current and showcase any new achievements.


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