Email Automation Campaigns We’re Loving

Email Automation Campaigns We’re Loving

Email campaigns are a great way to keep your audience engaged and interested in your products and services. An automated campaign is a super easy way to keep your brand top of mind and make regular contact with your audience.

Email automation is the ability to send time or action triggered emails to subscribers. What’s great about email automation is that once you set up the triggers for the email you can pretty much set and forget.

What are automation triggers?

Triggers are the function you set to cause the email to send to members of the database. Triggers can be set by a range of different factors including dates, groups, joining or subscribing to a list or taking an action on your website.


Here are a couple of our favourite email automation campaigns.


Welcome new subscribers

Never miss the opportunity to greet a new subscriber. Create a quick and quirky welcome message that thanks the user for signing up, and welcomes them to your newsletter subscription.

K.I.S.S Tip: The automation trigger for this email is the user signing up. This is a chance for you to introduce your brand, it’s personality and a quick overview of what they can gain from subscribing to your emails.

‘Welcome’ series

A “thanks for signing up” email doesn’t have to be the be all and end all of your welcome. Why not consider setting up a series of emails. A welcome series is perfect for professional business services such as an accounting or law firm where there is a process to onboard a client.

A welcome series enables you to firstly welcome and thank the client for choosing your business and then the flow continues to ensure that the client receives everything they initially need and that they are aware of any of your requirements such as a document checklist, important papers and account details.

K.I.S.S Tip: This email flow lets the clients know you are active (and it also means that you don’t have to set up emails for each new client).

‘We Miss You’ series

Ensure you stay top of mind with clients and reach out to those who haven’t visited or made a purchase from your site recently. ‘We miss you’ emails are triggered by days and can be set as close or as far apart from the customer’s last visit as you wish.

Consider setting up 2 or 3 emails in this flow. The first just to reach out and say hey we haven’t seen you around for a while. If this doesn’t work, set up another email after a further 30 days to send to those that still haven’t visited the site. In the second email, consider adding an incentive such as a discount code to encourage the client to visit and make a purchase.

K.I.S.S Tip: Set these triggers at least a month after the last visit so as to not bombard your subscribers with emails.

Abandoned shopping cart

The email is triggered by a customer leaving items in their shopping cart on your website. If they close the window or leave them sitting in the cart for too long it triggers a reminder email for the users to “get your items before you miss out.” This not only reminds the user that they were considering shopping with you, but it also creates a sense of urgency that if they don’t purchase their items now, they might be sold out.

Say Happy Birthday

Make your clients feel special and send them a “Happy Birthday” email on their birthday. Date-based automation allows you to set up a campaign that is triggered by their birth date or month.

K.I.S.S Tip: What’s even better than someone saying happy birthday? A free birthday treat! Why not add a special birthday code to the email to let your clients treat themselves to a discounted product or free gift!

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