Does brand really matter?

Does brand really matter?

Short answer? Ab-so-LUTELY! But you didn’t come here just for that.

We know you’d like to know the “why”:  Brand is fundamental to any business. A strong brand makes it easier for your customers to engage, trust and buy from you.

Brand goes way beyond a logo and business name. From your website, to your logo, to your social media profiles, to all marketing materials, the customer judges it all.


Why brand matters


A strong brand is recognised


Brands allow customers to remember you. Most customers prefer to do business with brands they know and trust.

While logos represent your brand visually, it’s not uncommon for customers to remember a logo but forget the business’s name. A strong brand however, is memorable and has invaluable sticking power.


Good design = credibility


A consistent and well-designed brand exudes confidence, giving customers an insight into what they can expect from that business.

A poorly designed brand reflects an unprofessional and sloppy product or service. Design is a huge part of building a solid brand. From the style and colours you chose, to voice and tone, to logo, packaging, business cards and more.

Your brand image also builds credibility and contributes to a customers relationship with your business. Top tip: once you have an appropriate design and an attention-grabbing logo in place, it is consistently executed across all of your marketing channels.


Stand out and be proud


Faced with increased competition daily, it is imperative to stand out from the competition. With many markets already saturated, businesses can’t afford to have their efforts wasted and go unnoticed.

Invest the necessary time and resources needed to develop a well recognisable brand!


Visual appeal


No one is going to look past your landing page if you don’t use strong visual appeals from the get-go. Relevant, eye-catching visuals will set your brand apart and engage your audience while conversely, pointless and questionable imagery will deter them.


Final thoughts


Brand matters. A whole lot.

Make smart, tactical brand decisions and don’t underestimate the power of good graphic design.


Need to create an engaging brand?

Let’s talk.


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