Charm your clients with the right brand message

Charm your clients with the right brand message

Last week we shared a hilarious slide show on our Facebook Page from Marketing Interactive: 15 idiots you find at agencies. Particularly funny was the Clientron 2000: The Mindless Client Exec . It got us thinking (and giggling): How do you charm your customers so you aren’t a mindless Clientron 2000 but you aren’t too over the top either?

Not surprisingly it all comes down to the right brand message.

If you are perceived in the minds of your customers (and potential customers) as relevant and differentiated from your competition, you are well on your way to launching a charm offensive.

Make sparks fly: nail your core brand message
Usually when you hit it off with someone in the real world, they say or do something that really resonates with you. You “click”. It’s exactly the same in business.  To connect with your market you need to start saying and/or doing things that truly resonate with your audience. And guess what? It all starts with your core message.  Check out these 4 tips to get you started:

1: Core brand message needs two sides
At its core, your brand message needs to have an emotional and a rational appeal. You need to draw on people’s emotions and let them connect that emotion with their (rational) way of thinking.

2: Better believe it
Your brand message needs to be believable. You can always tell your customers you are better than sliced bread – but convincing people that’s the truth is another story. Be realistic.

3: Relevancy
If you have a monopoly of swimwear shops on the North Pole – that’s a great positioning but if there is no opportunity (i.e. no market need or desire) then you become irrelevant to your market.

4: K.I.S.S > Keep It SIMPLE (Seriously)
A core brand message than drones on and on, is hard to understand or is too complicated, will not resonate with your customers. If it doesn’t stick in the minds (and hearts) of your customers then forget it.

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