Could your brand imagery be costing you sales?

Could your brand imagery be costing you sales?


Regardless of whether your business is service or product based, every business portrays a brand image. But do all businesses use brand imagery?


There are several benefits associated with brand imagery that you may not be taking advantage of. So read on to learn the difference between brand image and brand imagery and how it can help grow your business.


Brand imagery Vs. Brand image explained

Brand imagery relates to the unique components that consumers attribute to a brand and encompasses all five senses (sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste).


The amazing thing about brand imagery is its ability to make an audience unconsciously think of a brand, without noticing. For example, when you see a shirt with a large tick on the front, what do you think of? Nike? That’s the beauty of brand imagery.


Brand image on the other hand is a direct reflection of your brands’ promise. It’s solely intangible and evolves as consumers’ experience your brand and develop their own perception. A great example of brand image is a business’s promise to deliver exceptional customer service.


Why brand imagery?

Brand imagery is a powerful brand ally. Capable of conveying experiences and feelings from the past, associated with a brand, brand imagery has a huge influence on purchasing decisions.


Key components of brand imagery

  • Purpose: does the image pose a clear value proposition to the customer?
  • Shape: can the shape of the image develop an emotional response?
  • Colour: can increase brand recognition by up to 80%.
  • Keep it simple: less is ALWAYS more. Don’t over load the senses!
  • Uniqueness: dare to be different and stand out to avoid diluting your brand message.


Get started

Develop brand imagery that connects your audience with your brand. Start by assessing your value proposition and marketing plan.


By understanding your brand identity and strategy, developing brand imagery becomes relatively easy.


Top tip: Constantly reassess your brand and situation to ensure your brand imagery is not out-dated or missing the mark.


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