5 O’The Best: Apps to make life easier in 2015

5 O’The Best: Apps to make life easier in 2015


As the clock struck midnight last month on 1 January 2015, many small business owners made resolutions to make better use of their time, to be more organised, or to spend more time on the business, not in it.

So this week, we’ve curated our five ‘o the best apps to make life easier for small business owners. Some make your better organised, while others keep you focused. If you haven’t already, download them so you can love them as much as we do.


Fantastical 2


This is the only calendar organiser you will need in 2015. Fantastical’s DayTicker allows you to view your schedule, quickly, efficiently and dare we say it; enjoyably. Make sense of your upcoming schedule and quickly swipe to see previous schedules and what’s planned for the future.


The app pulls together your calendars (Google, Exchange and Apple’s), and merges to-do lists and calendar events so you can see a clear overview of your days.


The kicker: you can enter appointments using natural language commands. Type “dinner with mum at 7pm on Tuesday” and hey presto… it’s entered into your calendar.


Cost: AU$3.99

Find out what makes Fantastical 2 so fantastic here.

Download from the app store here.




There are a few password apps out there – but if we had to choose one, it would be 1Password. It’s an intuitive way to use a different random password for every site you visit without having to remember them.


1Password might be a scary concept for some, but if you’re willing to use it, it makes you more productive while simultaneously increasing your security with strong, unique passwords for all your accounts and keeps all your important information encrypted, safe and secure.


Cost: AU$64.99

Watch their cool intro video here.

Download from the app store.




“Untangle your life with Clear”. A tagline that delivers. Clear is the to-do and reminders app that promises to keep you focused on what really matters. Clear is simple and has a clutter-free interface that makes it easy to stay organised. It’s easy to use too: simply pull down to add a new item and swipe right to complete a task – simple.


We love the colour-coded entries, which give a sense of urgency to tasks.


Cost: AU$6.99

Get clear on clear here.

Download from the app store here.



Pomodoro Timer


If you’re distracted, you will procrastinate. The aim of this simple, yet incredibly smart app is to eradicate distraction to get you on task and keep you on task.


Based on the renowned Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo, this app focuses on setting you to work in 25 minute increments. Who knew a tomato could hold so much power?


Cost: AU$2.49

Download from the app store here.


Harvest Time Tracking

A K.I.S.S favourite – time tracking and time sheeting is made so simple and fast with Harvest. Setting up an account takes minutes, but you will find yourself tweaking things at least once a month as tasks change and new jobs come in. And there’s nothing to install because it’s all on the cloud.


What we love:

  • One click time tracking.
  • Track time anywhere. From your web browser, mobile phone or desktop.
  • No installation or lengthy manual to read – just dive right in!


See you next week



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