The 5 golden rules of creating viral content

The 5 golden rules of creating viral content

Having your next social post catch like wildfire is every small business owners’ dream. The idea of your content being showed to thousands of people is in valuable to your brand.


And that’s what we recently experienced when a social post for one of our client’s quickly went viral. Within 48hrs the post had reached an impressive 29,000 people, their Facebook likes had tripled and the post received over 1,000 reactions, comments and shares.


So it got us thinking.


While there’s no secret recipe to making every post a hit, there’s some golden rules to achieving virality.


Know your audience

It’s up to your audience to make or break your post going viral. Share content they want to see. Otherwise they will scroll on by.


Evoke emotion

Whether you’re trying to make your audience laugh or encourage empathy, emotion is what drives people to take action.


Get visual

Eye catching imagery is memorable and distinctive. If done well, visually appealing content is all you need to go viral. It’s easily consumed and even more easily shared.


Be relevant

Whatever the topic, people crave information on current, hot and popular topics. Share content on the trending topics engaging your audience. But don’t just add to the noise. If the topic doesn’t relate to your business or views, don’t post for the sake of posting about it.


Invite a response

If you want your audience to engage with the post, don’t be afraid to tell them so. Ask them a question. Tell them to tag their friends. Set a call to action that prompts them to engage.


Have you had a piece of content go viral?  Share your experiences in the comments below.


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