2018: thank u, next

2018: thank u, next

Use of video in advertising

Video in digital advertising has been everywhere this year. Marketers increased their video ad spend in an attempt to keep up with viewer habits.

Rich media is on the rise, especially when it comes to social media channels. This has been highlighted by trends such as 360-degree video, 3D photos and the use of GIFs and other moving graphics like Boomerangs.

Breaking through the noise with personalisation

The simplest way to start hyper-personalising your marketing is via email. Segment your database, tag customers for your reference and match these customers to different email campaigns you would like to send. Use the campaign insights to understand important insights like when your customers are reading your emails and results of A/B split testing to build a picture of your customer preferences.

Get to know your audience with questions and polls

Asking questions and creating polls are a great way to interact with your audience with a personal touch. Gain insight into how your audience want to interact with you and what they are thinking.

Everyone loves a freebie

Super-charge your social contests for an engaging social experience.

Start by firstly understanding your audience and their needs, then test different platforms to run the content and what type of contest to run. Think about the goal of the competition and how to achieve it i.e. If you need more followers, create an entry system where people need to like your page.

Don’t stop believ- testing.

Believe in your tried and true marketing channels, but don’t be afraid to test new things. Measure your impact and use these insights to update your approach.


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